Thursday, 17 January 2013

For a classmate :)

We used vibrant colors like maroon,orange and bright yellow for the flowers and hues of flouroscent green and olive are used for the leaves.. We loved designing the entire card on a rich light green  pattern.

 The reason we chose green was cos it was her favorite color...Well when it came to flowers,it has been pretty difficult for us to choose which colors would give the perfect contrast !
Hopefully...these worked :)

 While designing the twines kind of leaves...we had to be really careful regarding the pasting work.We made use of a toothpick to apply the glue and very carefully started sticking the paper strips over the pattern that we drew beforehand.

This was the  inner part of the card...we wanted it to look simple as the quotes had to play the special role here than the background.We picked up some lovely yellow quilled buds and green leaves to make this lil garden :)

 Now this is the exciting part....the inner most fold of the greeting,we made a cute flower pop-up...we chose catchy colors like bright yellow and ink blue..the message was written in a silver can always add your choice of glossy finishing to the flower petals :)

This is the front end of the pop-up card...You can always customize it based on your occassion  like we did it for her Birthday...we highlighted the word BIRTHDAY and we used some cool pattern scissors and color papers to complete this :)

Thankyou for visiting our post :)

Hope you liked our work .
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