Thursday, 24 October 2013

Blossoms in the Blue Hue..

Loved this cool blue combo
Blue has always been one of our most fav colors!
This time we took this inspiration from the chilling cold wave :) don't they jus look like the snowflakes? ;)

In love with the FALL colors ...

Beautiful FALL season has inspired us to go ORANGE !! 

This time we used the yellow and orange hues for the blossoms,refreshing green for the leaves and twine,plus beads as embellishment.

the contrasting dark background gives it life !

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Disney piglet Theme :)


Who doesn't love this sweet disney character ;)
Cute & funny isn't it? :D
This was made for our client's bestie :) well  this definitely is a girl-card ! So we made it in all CUTE PINK STUFF !!
the pattern papers and the message boxes added to its cuteness !
Quote says it all ! it''s definitely one such cute CAKE-DAY cards of our collections :)

Anime theme :)

Hello friends ! so we are back with another cute card :)
This time it was for an Anime-geek :P
Who doesn't love Anime Manga show! 
Naruto was my all-time favourite too :D 

So we made this card really colourful cos we had to match up with Naruto's costume colours lol. :0
A lil effort had to be put while cutting his spiky hairstyle carefully... we complemented this card with a cute handmade paper bad. (personally love it)

Hope you liked our idea :)

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R.F.Creations :)


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Valentine Card

this has been ordered by a guy for his girlfriend ;)

Cute purple and pink patterns have been used... with lots of heart symbols and flowers :)

On opening this,we find a cute tri-shutter card with cutequotes and sayings :) 

Cos special ones always deserve the best !! ;)

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Pop-ups :)

Brother's Birthday :)

Specially designed this for Brother's Birthday :) 

He loved this cute origami shirt !! 

On opening the card :~

Guitar is cos he loves it and cupcakes cos i love 'em ;)

Trust me, no matter how small or simple it might be,when it is for a brother, it is definitely the best 1 !

Hope you like this idea :) 

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